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  1. System design and components selection to ensure the fill time requirement.
  2. System design compliance to the prevailing AIS norms.
  3. System reliability assured through a “ONE YEARS CONDITIONAL LIMITED WARRANTY” on all components of the high pressure system(excluding electrical components) offered to you.
  4. Safe tubing layout design with adequate clamping to protect from vibration damage.
  5. System design and component selection to ensure leak free & maintenance free performance.
  6. Compact and space saving design with panel mounting of most components.
  7. Design incorporates ease of maintenance and aesthetics.
  8. Design incorporates aerosol and particulate filtration to ensure trouble free operation of equipments like transducer, HPR, LPR, etc. This is a special feature keeping in mind the oil, moisture and particulate content in dispensed CNG due to lubricated compressors.
  9. Design incorporates an independent pressure gauge and independent pressure transducer mounted at separate points in the circuit to provide dual pressure indication thus ensuring dual safety.

  1. Components offered comply with international safety standards like ECE R110, UL listing and also where needed certified by ARAI, India.
  2. The components are amongst the world’s best products and tested for factors like vibration, corrosion protection, pressure tests,temperature tests, cycle tests etc.
  3. High flow large orifice cylinder valve for improved fill time.
  4. Extremely safe cylinder valve design with integral safety devices like excess flow valve, independent rupture disc & TPRD in common body to minimize leak points.
  5. Glycerin filled pressure gauge to dampen vibrations ensuring long and safe operations.
  6. Calibrated pressures gauge with certification to EN 10204-2.2 compliance to EN 837.
  7. High flow non-chatter design of filling receptacle.
  8. Receptacle with specially designed seals for CNG application.
  9. High flows Non chatter to separate the fill line and supply line towards the engine. This provides an added advantage t the system.
  10. High pressure automatic gas shut off valve: This is provided in the bank of cycling to ensure that there is no supply of gas to the engine while the vehicle is getting filled.

  1. Provide 2D and 3D drawings to enable develop engineered layout solutions.
  2. Provide certification and validation documentation for components, where necessary.
  3. Provide technical support and feed back for design changes.
  4. Provide the schematic layout for the components to be mounted on a Panel.

  1. The first fitment of the high pressure gas delivery system on one vehicle shall be done by Greenfuel Personnel.( In case of change in the schematic layout, it will b e performed again)
  2. The fitted vehicle will be subjected to a fill time test under the supervision of Greenfuel Specialist.
  3. Greenfuel Specialist will supervise the fitment of   production vehicles at regular interval to ensure that the Workshop Personnel   can understand the nuances of fitment of a CNG system.

  1.  A four hours training on understanding CNG, safety issues, relevant codes and standards, components of high pressure CNG system, system design consideration etc. to end customer associated with NGV. (Maximum two programs on free of cost and thereafter chargeable)
  2. An eight hours full certification training program for all fitters and technicians on two ferrule tube fitting installation procedure, thread identification and thread tightening procedures, use of thread sealants and tube handling preparation and bending. (Maximum two programs on free of cost and thereafter chargeable)
  3. System assembly training with particular emphasis on importance of alignment, clamping and component assembly. (Maximum two programs on free of cost and thereafter chargeable)
  4. Training on joint inspection procedure, leak testing & auditing procedure to fitters, technicians and quality control inspectors. (Maximum two programs on free of cost and thereafter chargeable)

  1. Complete training module as for factory personnel to the after sales service team.  
  2. A training module can also be provided to end customer personnel on special request and at extra cost.
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