Our Exclusive Partners

provides filling receptacles for bus, trucks & cars, check valves, CNG filter & filling nozzles etc.

WEH GmbH, Illertissen was founded in 1973. By 1980, the performance spectrum was expanded through the development and design of special test connectors for leak testing. Starting in 1986, WEH GmbH laid the foundation of the worldwide NGV1 standard by developing a complete line of products to accommodate NGV refueling at self-serve fueling stations. WEH today offers a complete range of CNG, Hydrogen (250,350 700 bar) H CNG filling products. All components are certified to international safety standards like ECE R110, ISO 14469-1 etc.

provides stainless steel double ferrule fittings, SAE Torque tightened fittings, SS tubes, isolation valves & bleed valves etc.

SSP Fittings Corp, USA is one of the leading suppliers of high pressure fluid system components used in CNG applications. For over 80 years, SSP has exhibited an expertise in the precision machining of tight tolerance, high quality fitting components. SSP is located on a 25-acre property Southeast of Cleveland, Ohio in North America's manufacturing heartland. Within their modern 165,000 square foot manufacturing facility, SSP has developed the internal ability to control its manufacturing variables as much or more than any other fittings' manufacturer. All fittings products certified ti international safety like ECE R110 etc.

provides Single cylinder engine ECU for injection system.

Athena Spa was established in 1973. Started as a small artisan workshop, with time it became an international group with 3 divisions and 10 branches both in Italy and around the world. Athena Industries: applications and automotive supplies, earth movement and agricultural machinery, food industry, adptors, compressors, heat and cold machinery. Athena Parts: motorbike, scooter, maxi scooter, off road and automotive mechanics and electronics. Athena Evolution: Italian distribution of brands such as GoPro, Red Bull Eyewear, Ogio, Recon and Xsories. All the Athena products are certified to relevant ECE safety standards like ECE R110, ISO TS 16949 etc.

provides CNG injectors and low pressure filter.

Rail S.p.A. is company founded by Mr. Luigi Stevani and OMB-Saleri S.p.A. in 2006. Rail’s main business is to provide Sequential Injectors LPG/CNG.Rail offers a wide range of accessories such as filters, nozzles, LPG/CNG solenoid valves, multivalve, copper Pipes, rubber hoses, regulators and so on. All the Rail products are certified to relevant CNG/LPG safety standards like ECE R67 and ECE R110.

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